Davi Pereira Junior

Activist; PhD candidate, Latin American Studies, University of Texas at Austin; researcher, New Social Cartography of the Amazon Project

Alcântara, Maranhão, Brazil


“I believe academic study can be a collective effort that supports excluded communities.”

Leadership: Davi Pereira Junior was born in the traditional quilombola community of Itamatatiua in Brazil and grew up seeing the struggle for land rights firsthand. His academic research and advocacy focuses on conflicts over land and natural resources and the impact of megaprojects—like the Alcântara Launch Center in his home state of Maranhão—on traditional communities.

Davi’s work to support the rights of traditional communities has fostered connections among black ethnic groups and communities across Latin America and contributed to social mapping projects like the New Social Cartography of the Amazon Project.

Vision: Traditional and indigenous communities in Brazil are increasingly affected by mining and agribusiness megaprojects but have historically lacked access to legal counsel and higher education opportunities to support them in their struggle to maintain rights over their lands. Davi is using his academic training to support efforts to secure land rights and preserve traditional cultures and values, and he hopes to amplify the voices of traditional communities.