“Technology is a powerful tool to fight the oppression of sexism and patriarchy.”

Dhyta Caturani is feminist activist who has been deeply involved in the social justice movement in Indonesia for many years. Using technology and within the technology ecosystem, she’s dedicated the past decade of her life to addressing the issues of human rights, gender and technology to overcome sexist, patriarchal and discriminatory practices and deconstruct social and institutional barriers. She continues to deliver holistic digital security training for various organizations and activists especially women, girls and LGBTIQA+ persons.

She founded PurpleCode Collective, a feminist collective that focuses on the intersectional issues of feminism and technology and prevents and responds to online gender-based violence, and assists victims. The collective opened Reading–Hacking–Making, the first feminist space in Indonesia to provide women, girls and gender non-conforming persons a safe and brave space to collectively incubate ideas and collaborations in gender equality and technology.

Vision: The systemic oppression faced by women, girls and gender non-conforming persons can be addressed using technology. We can achieve equal access, adoption and adaptation of technology for women, girls and gender non-confirming persons and create a more inclusive and safer ecosystem within technology.