“Technology has the power to create better social conditions for millions of people around the world.”

Ian Damian Tarimo is an African visionary with the passion to address inequalities and injustice in his community. He’s currently leading a team of 32 creative young people promoting equal access to education through data, storytelling and media technology.

He is co-founder and executive director of Tai Tanzania, a social enterprise that produces educational and entertaining content in various formats, such as 3D animations, radio dramas, music, and comics. The content is then distributed in the community through television, radio, community events and digital platforms. Tai Tanzania’s social behavior change communication content reaches over 6 million people. Ian received the Leadership Impact Award 2021 from the Young African Leadership Initiative (founded by the US State Department through USAID) for his work. He’s also among the 10 Builders of Africa’s Future 2021 awardees by the African Diaspora Network.

Vision: A world where every person has equal access to opportunities to unleash their potential. This can be achieved by utilizing mixed media technology and storytelling for the public good.