“Indigenous people have the right to control their land and live free of exploitation.”

Ivo Cípio Aureliano is an Indigenous leader, and lawyer for Indigenous Council of Roraima (CIR) since 2018. He has expertise on Indigenous peoples’ rights, including land demarcation, right to consultation, territorial and land management planning for Indigenous lands, customary law and human rights. Ivo has reported violations of Indigenous rights at all levels, including the Federal Prosecutor’s Office and at the Supreme Court in Brazil, Brazilian Institute of Environment and Water Resources, National Indian Foundation, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. He has provided training and capacity building for new leaders, defended Indigenous peoples’ rights at the Brazilian Supreme Court and is a member of the network of Indigenous lawyers in Brazil.

Ivo hopes to be a role model for Indigenous youth in standing up for their rights.

Vision: Brazil’s national leaders respect the way of life of indigenous peoples’ and recognize the importance of Indigenous people in combating the climate emergency.