Community Organizer

Community Organizer

Public interest tech is about all of us. To thrive, it needs the talent and dedication of people, organizations, and funders.

Which One Are You?

There’s so much more to the story. What excites me is the opportunity to reimagine a new generation of worker power and worker organizations.

Sarita Gupta, Jobs with Justice co-director

Community organizers coordinate efforts to advance equity and justice in their communities. Those working at the intersection of community and tech—like future of work advocate Michelle Miller—are using activism to serve the greater public good. We also call them public interest technologists.  

If we make technology something that we have ownership and agency over – if we consider it something that all of us have a say in, then we can start to imagine using it for the common good.”

Standing up for your beliefs and rights as a worker can be risky. Imagine having access to a tool that enables you to rally the voices of other employees who share your concerns.

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