Public interest tech is about all of us. To thrive, it needs the talent and dedication of people, organizations, and funders.

Which One Are You?

With your help, we have formed a critical mass of the nation’s leading institutions of higher education working together to ensure that future leaders and innovators are prepared to consciously address the way that new technologies impact the world from a social, political, and economic perspective.

Educators share knowledge and guidance to prepare people to meet the challenges of today’s world. Those who work at the intersection of education and tech—like Harvard Law Professor Susan Crawford and Danny Weitzner, director of the MIT Internet Policy Research Initiative—are using their knowledge to serve the greater public good. We also call them public interest technologists.

“…all of us together, as a society, really have to be directly engaged in these public interest technology questions to make sure that we’re making the most of these new tools that we have in a way that really supports human values.”

Danny Weitzner, founding director of the MIT Internet Policy Research Initiative, is fusing tech and the humanities in a groundbreaking course on privacy technology. He challenges his students to think deeply about privacy in an era of rapidly changing technologies.

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