Public Servant

Public Servant

Public interest tech is about all of us. To thrive, it needs the talent and dedication of people, organizations, and funders.

Which One Are You?

“We need people at the table who both understand deeply the role of government… and also understand technology .”

Susan Crawford, Harvard Law Professor and Author

Public servants are responsible for representing the best interests of the public. Those who work at the intersection of public service and tech—like The Commons, an online community for civic engagement—are showing us new ways of serving the greater public good. We also call them public interest technologists.

“In the Internet of Things, security and privacy are public goods.”

To academic, red teamer, and entrepreneur Éirann Leverett, privacy and security are consumer rights issues. He explains that because public utilities increasingly rely on the internet, it makes sense for the internet to be understood—and funded—as a public utility.

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