Security Advocate

Security Advocate

Public interest tech is about all of us. To thrive, it needs the talent and dedication of people, organizations, and funders.

Which One Are You?

“We need every citizen to be knowledgeable and informed“Right now, there’s a major information asymmetry between — what these tools are capable of and what they’re currently doing, and the vast majority of the public. We need to bridge that gap. And we need technologists alongside us in that fight.”

– Kade Crawford, Director of the Tech for Liberty Program at ACLU of Mass

Security advocates focus on the systems that protect our privacy and keep us, and our data, safe. Those who work at the intersection of security and tech—like cyber security expert Bruce Schneier and security engineer and digital researcher Etienne Maynier—are using their expertise to serve the greater public good. We call them public interest technologists.

“Tech is shaping the contours of the future more than anything else. And how that future looks has to depend on what we as a society want. It can’t just be what the tech permits.”

Cybersecurity expert Bruce Schneier explains how we can use surveillance data to benefit the public good, while navigating uncharted technological territory and maintaining our individual security.

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