Jennifer Loving & Chuck Robbins

Public-Private partnership: A new model for lasting impact

Jennifer Loving & Chuck Robbins

Chuck Robbins, Chairman and CEO of Cisco, and Jennifer Loving, CEO of Destination: Home, discuss how their public-private partnership model is fulfilling its mission to end homeless in Santa Clara County, California. Moderated by Rebecca Cokley of the Center for American Progress.

“When you’re talking about solving problems for the most vulnerable… you need flexibility. You need to be able to use money in a way that is not traditional. When banks are lending, they evaluate risk. Sometimes you have to be able to take risks that are not traditional.”

Jennifer Loving

“The biggest challenge for us is getting other businesses to get engaged on issues that ultimately aren’t directly beneficial to their business… One of the problems with corporate social responsibility over the last 50 years is… you can draw a line from whatever corporate social responsibility effort there is, and benefit to your business. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell my peers.”

Chuck Robbins


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