Today’s urgent problems include dangerously high levels of global inequality, shifting power dynamics among countries and regions, and ongoing crises such as climate change, pandemics, and migration. Managing these issues requires new systems of cooperation and the reimagining of international cooperation and governance to center those communities that are most deeply impacted by the very problems these systems were established to address.

Our goal is to help promote social justice and disrupt inequality within systems of global governance and international cooperation by bringing together diverse ideas, institutions, and individuals to advance a shared vision for achieving a just and inclusive global order. By fostering dialogue and strategic alliances among civil society, international non-governmental organizations, governments and intergovernmental organizations, we aim to promote democratic values, justice, and inclusivity as core principles in changing global governance systems.

Around the world, we seek to engage with critical stakeholders and partners in government, civil society, private sector and philanthropy to promote the idea of a global community with shared, concrete and cooperative problem-solving approaches and capabilities.

Program staff in Global Governance

Portrait of Salih Booker

Salih Booker

Senior Program Officer, Global Governance New York, USA