Meet the Disability Futures Fellows

A white woman with long brown hair and hazel eyes leaning against a red textured wall. She is wearing a black-and-white patterned sweater

Alison O’Daniel

A multiracial man. He has dark brown, curly hair, wears a gray t-shirt, and smiles warmly at the camera.

Dickie Hearts

New York, NY
A white man with short brown hair and rectangular glasses. He wears a bright purple shirt and glances up towards the camera.

Kenny Fries

Berlin, Germany & Kauneonga Lake, NY
Two people viewing a screen. On the screen is a person with blond, purple, and pink hair wearing a digital mask and smiling brightly. A label reads, ""Masking Machine, M. Eifler."""

M Eifler

San Francisco, CA
A light-skinned Mestizx with dark hair, silver hoop earrings, burgundy lipstick, and a black sweater with a white star. They sit in their scooter smiling and surrounded by golden creosote bushes.

Naomi Ortiz

Tucson, AZ
A multi-heritage woman with long tightly wound dark brown locks, wearing red lipstick and a high neck black shirt. Background is darkly lit with one purple light illuminating her left side onto her hair.

Nasreen Alkhateeb

Los Angeles, CA
A multigender, multiracial person. S(He) has brown skin and dark eyes, short purple hair, and is wearing a red t-shirt. Positioned against a black background, NEVE’s face is tilted up and turned slightly off center, with a broad smile that shows NEVE’s two front teeth.


Seattle (Duwamish & Coast Salish lands), WA
A biracial man with dreadlocks. He is wearing a red shirt and sunglasses and stands beside a brick wall, holding a white cane.


East Point, GA
Photo of Ho, an Asian American woman. She is wearing a striped shirt, a dark blue cardigan, and red glasses. She sits in a power wheelchair in a field.

Sandy Ho

Boston, MA
A Black woman with faux locs in a half up/down ponytail hairstyle. She is wearing a blouse patterned with tulips and staring into the camera.]

Tee Franklin

New Jersey
Lu, a Chinese American woman, smiling warmly at the camera. She is wearing black-framed glasses, a tracheostomy tube, and a blue sweater over a white button-down shirt. She is standing in front of a tree with yellow leaves.

Wendy Lu

New York, NY
A Taiwanese American femme in her late 20s. She has dark hair with bleached blonde ends and wears red lipstick, a black turtleneck, and a small beaded necklace. She sits in front of a tan backdrop.

Yo-Yo Lin

Brooklyn, NY