A Guide to Supporting Grassroots Women’s Action

This guide emerged from a “Summit on Women and Climate” in Bali, Indonesia, and aims to increase timely and appropriate funding for worldwide climate action initiatives led by women and their communities. The Guide is not a comprehensive resource on climate change or women’s rights. Instead, it addresses an urgent need within the funding community and offers concrete, practical guidance that: 

  • Orients grantmakers to the importance of funding at the intersection of climate justice and women’s rights.
  • Draws lessons from specific examples of funding for women’s climate change initiatives.
  • Provides guidance on how funders can collaborate to direct timely and appropriate funding to women and their communities.
  • Advocates for bringing women’s voices into climate change policy discussions.
  • Highlights the strong impact that small (less than $10,000) to medium-sized ($10,000-$50,000) grants can make in women-organized efforts to address climate change at the community level, across geographic boundaries and in global climate policy. Grassroots women’s climate activism is becoming increasingly critical to women’s collective and individual rights, freedom and survival.