Sustainability was a cornerstone of our 2018 renovation, led by the renowned architectural design firm Gensler. We are proud of the steps we’ve taken and continue to take to ensure that our physical space reflects our commitment to being a responsible, mindful steward of the building in which we work and the world outside our doors.

High-efficiency water fixtures, including automatic faucets and low-flow toilets, reduce water usage by over 40 percent compared to conventional fixtures.

High-efficiency lighting fixtures and layout ensure a 15 percent reduction in energy use from local code requirements. A combination of daylight and vacancy sensors and controls throughout the office maximize energy savings throughout the day. Energy Star-compliant equipment and appliances, such as computers, monitors and TV screens are installed throughout the office to minimize energy consumption.

Wood veneer used on office doors and work surfaces and millwork fiberboard was sourced from supply chains certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, following its guidelines for sustainable forest management.

The materials and furniture in the office consist of over 20 percent recycled content, reducing the need to manufacture virgin materials. And over 20 percent of the materials and furniture in the space was extracted and manufactured locally, minimizing resource consumption and emissions associated with production and transportation of materials. Furniture throughout the office was either reused from the original space or specified to be GreenGuard certified, ensuring they meet stringent standards for air quality emissions.

All composite wood and laminate adhesives contain no added urea-formaldehyde, improving the indoor air quality of our space. Low-VOC paint, coatings, adhesives, sealants, carpet and flooring also ensure a high level of indoor air quality.