The Ford Foundation’s Mission Investments program launched in 2017 with the goal of making grants, program-related investments, and mission-related investments that improve how capitalism works for more people. We support opportunities in the United States and Global South, including Latin America, Africa, China, India, Indonesia, and the Middle East.

Our mission-related and program-related investments help grow the impact investing sector, and our work creates a more inclusive form of capitalism and a more economically just world.

Mission-Related Investments

Since 2017, Ford has committed over $1 billion of its endowment to mission-related investments (MRIs). 


Accessibility Statement

  • All videos produced by the Ford Foundation since 2020 include captions and downloadable transcripts. For videos where visuals require additional understanding, we offer audio-described versions.
  • We are continuing to make videos produced prior to 2020 accessible.
  • Videos from third-party sources (those not produced by the Ford Foundation) may not have captions, accessible transcripts, or audio descriptions.
  • To improve accessibility beyond our site, we’ve created a free video accessibility WordPress plug-in.

Program-Related Investments

Program-related investments (PRIs) make capital available to businesses and nonprofits working toward social or environmental progress. The conditions for PRIs are more beneficial than those they might receive from other investors. Unlike grants, PRIs are repaid; after those funds are returned, they are invested in another such organization.

If you believe your organization, strategy, and proposal fit our criteria, you may submit your materials to [email protected]. Please note that we can only respond to those proposals that we believe meet our criteria.

Program staff in Mission Investments

Portrait of Roy Swan.

Roy Swan

Director, Mission Investments New York, USA
Portrait of Margot Brandenburg.

Margot Brandenburg

Senior Program Officer, Mission Investments New York, USA
Watermarked Ford Foundation logo against a sand colored background.

Dionaris Henriquez

Program Assistant, Mission Investments New York, USA
Portrait of Christine Looney.

Christine Looney

Deputy Director, Mission Investments New York, USA
Portrait of Anil Oommen.

Anil V. Oommen

Grants Manager, Mission Investments New York, USA
Portrait of Gerald Pambo-Awich

Gerald Pambo-Awich

Investment Officer, Mission Investments New York, USA
Portrait of Megan Thompson.

Megan Walsh Thompson

Mission Investments Officer, Mission Investments New York, USA