East Africa is one of the fastest-growing regions in the world. But the advantages of this growth do not reach all people. Millions are excluded from key institutions and opportunities that should be open to all.

Political and economic power has long been built around individuals, families, and networks rather than around public institutions. To address the region’s challenges, these institutions must become responsive and accountable to all East Africans. For this to happen, civil society and the public must have opportunities to participate in decision making, and to work in partnership with government and the private sector to better their societies. And the region’s large youth population must be empowered to advance change in their communities, their countries, and East Africa at large.

Grant makers in East Africa

Portrait of Jessica Horn

Jessica Horn

Director, East Africa Nairobi, Kenya
Margaret Mliwa, Nairobi 2019, ©Ford Foundation.

Margaret Mliwa

Program Officer, East Africa Nairobi, Kenya
Portrait of Esther Ngoda

Esther Ngoda

Grants Manager, East Africa Nairobi, Kenya
Portrait of Linda Ochiel

Linda Ochiel

Program Officer, East Africa Nairobi, Kenya
Portrait of Kanali Samantha Luseno

Kanali Samantha Luseno

Program Associate, East Africa Nairobi, Kenya