This week, we are devastated and disheartened as we continue to learn more about the tragic events occurring in Gaza and their impact on the Palestinian and Israeli people. 

It is our hope that world leaders will continue to commit the resources needed to support immediate humanitarian relief efforts. And philanthropy must also respond. 

At the Ford Foundation, we are committed to principles of human rights and international law. We are steadfast in our pursuit of a world where all are able to live safely, with dignity and the full expression of their humanity. It is because of these beliefs that we cannot ignore the suffering, anguish, and pain that countless families are experiencing in Gaza at this moment. 

In response to this crisis, the Ford Foundation will support immediate humanitarian relief efforts in Gaza and the Middle East. Administered by our colleagues in the Middle East and North Africa regional office, the resources will go to partners in the region to provide life-saving support and other essential needs to the affected Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

Beyond financial resources, this moment transcends borders and communities and requires a shared commitment to our collective humanity. We are witnessing a torrent of misinformation and polarizing commentary that fuels Islamophobia, antisemitism, and despair. We must reject these impulses and turn instead to compassion and our shared belief that we can create a just and peaceful world where all can flourish.