As the economies and populations of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania expand, they  face the challenge of ensuring that the benefits of this growth are felt by all. 

Through our Civic Engagement and Government work, we invest in the threads that hold democracies together: basic freedoms, both in the digital domain and our daily lives; an autonomous civil society that can both hold government accountable and bring forth new ideas; and protections for social justice leaders speaking truth to power. We believe that we can end inequality by advancing these democratic values.

We support efforts to advance principles of open government and civil society organizations calling for greater transparency and accountability to prevent systemic corruption. We continue our history of supporting critical democratic institutions, such as national and regional judiciaries. We have sustained the growth of East African philanthropy, and work to strengthen the financial resilience of organizations through creative uses of capital like impact investing. Across our work, we prioritize  gender, youth, and disability rights as axes of inequality but also central to positive transformation in East Africa.